Skirting the Issue: Day and Night

I’m constantly being asked how to transform certain pieces from day into night because of budget, closet space or jobs that require after hours events that require quick changes before leaving the office. Believe it or not it’s easier than you think. Most of the time it doesn’t even require an additional shopping trip. The items you’re looking for are probably hidden in your closet. If you plan on going out for drinks straight from the office then it’s all about planning a couple of easy accessory changes so you can log out of your computer and meet up with friends or clients sooner rather than later. If you’re a woman on a budget it’s even more important when you’re shopping to make sure that majority of the items you’re buying can be worn for more than one time of day. I typically start with one piece that I can create an entire outfit around. Once I have the daytime look put together I try and find the least amount changes required to wear it into the evening or in some cases making it more casual for a weekend look. Check out my day to night look below for a little outfit inspiration of your own. If you need more assistance email me at to book a styling session at home or one of my favorite stores.

Heading to the office:

skirt top accessories










Happy Hour:

skirt top accessories

“By switching a top and some of the accessories an outfit can easily be worn into the evening and on the weekend. It’s all about making simple changes with items you already own to create new and fun looks.” -Heidy

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