Get to Know Him: Graham Kostic

I’m inspired on a daily basis by other creative minds changing how I look at fashion, lifestyle, even planning unique getaways. One of the people I’m most inspired by is Graham Kostic. I met Graham several years ago when he was working for CS Magazine. I thought he had such a cool look and was one of the nicest people in Chicago.  He has since become the creative and editorial director for one of the most innovative online fashion websites Graham took time out of his schedule to sit down and chat about his fashion philosophy, the must have item in his closet, and explained why you should think twice before accepting a free haircut.

Get to Know Him: Graham Kostic; Creative + Editorial Director,

Graham Kostic

photographed by Tim Musho

What neighborhood do you live in?

West Town

What does a typical weekday look like for you?

My office is a constant rotation. Sometimes, I’m perched at my kitchen island putting the finishing touches on an issue. Or in studio where we’ll be shooting our latest fashion editorial. Or perhaps setting up a G&F event.

What do you like to do on the weekend?

I try my hardest not to work at all on the weekends. And because of that, the weekends are a real gem.

What charities or organizations are you involved in?

G&F is a partner with Project Onward, a nonprofit studio and gallery for professional artists with mental and developmental disabilities. Throughout the year, G&F hosts various events to raise awareness and funds for the Bridgeport-based studio. One of my favorite ways the brands intersected to showcase Project Onward was in an editorial shoot last Fall which featured work by artist Bill Douglas who re-imagined what we shot in collage-form. The results were stunning and I was so proud of the story.

Favorite stores or online retailers to shop at:

My favorite obsession are the stretch button-downs at Scotch & Soda.

What accessory can you never have enough of?

Pouches! They’re useful. They’re chic. And they keep you organized. What’s not to love?

What do you feel the most comfortable in?


b) Athletic wear

c) Suit and tie

d) Birthday suit

How long does it take you to get ready?

15 minutes. And that feels too long sometimes.

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?

Two come right to mind. Just recently, a woman in some crystal shop told me that I had “crazy good energy.” That made me feel really great. Another time, a man told me that in my past life, I was a very powerful shaman who was a healer to a lot of people. Subsequently, because I did so much good in that life, the purpose of my life now was purely for beauty. Granted, he told me this at 3AM at some bar—but who wouldn’t be flattered by such a late night benediction?!

Do you have personal philosophy on fashion? If so, what is it?

Keep it simple.

You could teach a lot of men about style but is there any fashion trend you wish you hadn’t tried?

When I was in high school, I was approached by a salon to come in and get a free cut and color and to be photographed for their advertising campaign. A sucker for the spotlight, I happily agreed. They dyed it bleach blonde and gave me an asymmetrical cut. I remember leaving and walking up Michigan Avenue thinking I was a rock star as I was turning so many heads. It wasn’t until I looked in the mirror at Union Station on my way back to my parent’s house in the burbs that I realized how ridiculous I looked.

I think we’ve all had that one haircut that made us want to run and hide.

Switching gears a little, one of my favorite aspects of G&F are your travel issues. How did that become an important part of the site?

My husband and I travel a lot, so it’s been a natural progression that G&F has been shooting more travel features. This past year, we jetted down to Miami Beach to uncover some gems in the Mid-Beach area. And last year, we spent a week in Nashville to check out Music City. Currently, on site, we’ve prepped up with a travel issue to Nantucket and Cape Cod. There is no pretense when we travel—the joy of finding interesting people doing cool things is fundamental in creating memorable experiences that really unlock the spirit of the area we’re covering.

Graham Kostic

Favorite vacation destination(s):

I love Sedona and the American Southwest (see earlier comments about crystals and past lives).

After a long and cold winter what are you most looking forward to wearing this Spring/Summer?

My Birkenstocks. Without socks.

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