Time to Move On – What to Keep in Your Closet for Fall

Every season is a new beginning. Another chance to start over or at least slightly improve. I spend a lot of my time guiding my clients on what they should keep in their closets versus what they should let go of. I have to admit that I don’t have a lot of energy left over to follow my own advice. So maybe since I’m being honest, I will finally do something about it and have the pristine and organized closet that I strive for with yours.

Just to get you (and me) started on the right foot here are a few tips for creating a more zen-like wardrobe that actually begins at home.

1) If your Spring/Summer wardrobe is still hanging in your main closet – go through and start making piles of what you plan on wearing next year. Since you just got done wearing (or in some case not wearing) these items it should be much easier to decide on what to keep vs what to let go. Transition pieces can stay ie: skinny jeans, ballet flats, t-shirts, etc.

2) Now that you have more room in your closet it’s time to go through your sweaters. If you have 5-10 of one color try and narrow down to your favorites. If there is room to hang them that will ensure that you wear them more. Folded sweaters especially black ones look identical so you end up wearing the same one or two repeatedly because it’s easier that unfolding more options.

3) For smaller closets with a single door try adding  hanging shoe organizer on both sides of the door. That will keep the floor on the inside of your closet free for Fall boots and booties.

Real Simple shoe organizer

Hanging shoe organizer, $19.99; Real Simple from Bed Bath & Beyond













4) Categorize your clothes. Picture a left to right scenario: jackets, open sweaters, tops, skirts, pants, ending with dresses. Creating these mini sections makes it so much easier to find what you’re looking for in a jam.

organized closet



It can be overwhelming to try and do this on your own so if you need further assistance email me at to schedule an appointment and you can just supervise instead.





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