How to: Ombre Nails

ombre nails


I am a big fan of nail art. While I was working high-end retail I wasn’t able to explore all of the various trends that kept popping up on runways and being featured in magazines. Now that I’m working for myself and have the freedom to be more expressive with my manicures I would love to check out what I’ve been missing.

I love Sephora because they offer a wide range of products and tutorials on how to use them. This made my foray into trying ombre nails much easier and I love how they turned out. Check out the video below to try this fun trend.

Is ombre right for you? If you work in Corporate America you may not think so, but consider using the colors you would in a french manicure and perhaps that will be subtle enough for the office. Still not convinced? Wait until you’re leaving for vacation and try this technique using more tropical colors so your hands can take vacation too!

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