How much is too much?

Deborah Kass, Enough Already

There is a fine line between having a large wardrobe and being a hoarder. When you build an attachment to everything you have purchased over the years and you’re still shopping every season, eventually you’re going to run out of room.  This is when a lot of women start having anxiety over walking into their closet because it is extremely cluttered therefore difficult to navigate.  It can be a chore having to get dressed for work or a night out.  If you share you’re closet with your significant other it can be added stress on your relationship.  Here are a few signs that you’re on your way to maxing out your closet space and possibly your credit card.

You own 20 pairs of black shoes (but you only wear 2).

You are using your hamper as extra storage for clothes.

You can’t find that bright pink sweater you wore last week. (The closet ate it.)

Your monthly dry cleaning bill is rivaling your car payment, the dry cleaner knows your name/phone number without checking her computer system, and during the holidays gives you a deluxe fruit basket. (I just love the grapefruit!)

You may have a full closet but do you have anything to wear?  There is a reason that certain boutiques and department stores only keep the racks half stocked.  It makes it easier to shop so you end up spending more $$. If you apply that same concept to your closet you will have a smaller wardrobe but you will wear everything.  Here are a few suggestions on how to maintain your at home boutique so you have just as much fun shopping your own wardrobe as you do shopping at your favorite retailers.

Keep your closet categorized – if you are looking for a top it’s easier if they are in the same section.

Get rid of your shoe boxes – they take up too much space and you didn’t buy those Jimmy Choos to stare at the box.  Instead showcase all of your shoes on shelving or at one end of your closet. (If you still need more room get a hanging shoe organizer for your closet door.)

Hangers by Real Simple are an inexpensive way to create more space while giving your closet a clean look.

Add a couple of hooks to an empty wall in your closet – this can serve as your #ootd or transition for dry cleaning before you change hangers.  (Going green: bring the wire hangers to the dry cleaners next visit!)  

Every month do an edit on the items you haven’t worn.  If certain items remain untouched it’s time to say goodbye. You can sell the more specialty items.  I have great luck at eDrop-Off (2117 N Halsted St) and donate the rest.

Still not into DIY but tired of tripping over your clothes give me a call or contact me via



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