Forget the Rules

forget the rules I would think that the last place rules would exist would be in the fashion industry.  However on a daily basis we look at others and make judgements about what they’re wearing and what arbitrary rules they broke in the process. I’m talking about some of the myths our mothers told us and how these so-called rules need not apply.

Here are some of the “rules” that designers love to break and you should too!



#1 Don’t wear white after Labor Day – this is one of the oldest no-no’s.  It dates as far back as the Gilded Age period in American history (late 1800s, early 1900s). At that time wearing white was a symbol of the one percent status. At the beginning of summer, New York laborers who couldn’t afford a “vacation” and had to work would wear suitable black suits. Meanwhile, the more fortunate set would be staying cool on the beach by wearing white and other light colors.  At the end of the vacationing season the New York elite would return home and store their summer colors for next year’s trips.

#2 Wear suits to interviews – When you first graduated college and were about the enter the work force you probably bought at least one new suit and a variety of white shirts right? So did all of your friends and overall competition vying for the positions you were applying. Besides your resume, potential bosses are looking for candidates that stand out so in a sea of suits try a dress in maybe a bright color.

#3 Don’t mix patterns – This is a little tricky since there are a lot of ways to interpret mixing and matching patterns to create new and exciting looks. Dolce & Gabbana love mixing animal print and floral prints. Tracy Reese will put various animal prints together highlighting the one arena where zebras and tigers will get along.

Here are some of my favorite “rule-breaking” looks from Fall/Winter 2013.  What are some fashion rules that you choose not to follow throughout the year?

Acne Studios white outfit

This Acne Studios white dress is a great Fall/Winter look! Not into head-to-toe white? Try a colorful chunky or a different color shoe. Support to black/white trend and rock opaque tights and booties.

A.L.C. orange dress

Wearing this A.L.C. orange dress to a job interview with a neutral shoe will separate yourself from the competition.

Tracy Reece printed top & skirt

Tracy Reece isn’t afraid of mixing her animal prints with this edgy top & skirt.

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