Dressing for Yourself

I have always loved this quote for a number of reasons. First of all I truly believe that Fashion is like Art in that it is in the eye of the beholder. So as long as you dress for yourself you will always be in fashion, right?

On occasion I have been know to look for outfit approval or praise from other women, but that’s just because most of my friends are very fashionable so who wouldn’t want a compliment from one of them. The one thing I never do is ask for reassurance from the opposite sex because let’s face it ladies unless they’re gay, men typically don’t know the first thing about women’s fashion nor do they have the slightest comprehension about what goes into the process of getting ready for a woman.

Since most straight men don’t know the difference between a pencil skirt and an a-line shape I have to believe that when you’re deciding to wear one versus another you’re not consulting him, but more often than not a girlfriend via a text, which usually results in at least two selfies being sent am I right?

Heidy Best holding dress

My husband hates this sweater. Photo by Hallie Duesenberg

During one of my first Q&A’s last year, I was struggling with what to wear. Even though I dress women for a living even I get challenged from time to time. Since the shoot took place at Edith Hart I was surrounded by a lot of beautiful clothing. I remember seeing this sweater and falling in love with it, so midway though the photo shoot I put it on and when we were done I walked out with it. He didn’t love it but I did and still do.

So remember ladies, when you are getting dressed in the morning or before a night out, as long as you like your outfit – own it because the most important opinion is your own… and maybe your girlfriends.






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