“I will never forget the day I met Heidy. My mother and sister were in town for a girls shopping day. We ended up at Neiman Marcus and were browsing the racks when Heidy approached. She nailed all of our styles in a matter of minutes…which still astounds me to this day. Needless to say we all walked out with several bags full of the most beautiful clothes and more importantly a new friend. I didn’t realize that day what that friendship would become but today I can honestly say that I cannot imagine my life without Heidy in it. She’s always just a text away when I need to know what shoes to wear with an outfit. The best part about having Heidy style me for so many years is that she knows more about what’s in my closet than I do. Some of my favorite pieces are ones that I wouldn’t have dared to try on alone. Over the years I’ve shared many special moments with Heidy. Birthdays, bachelorettes, weddings, bridal showers, red-carpet events, and baby showers just to name a few. She found and special ordered my wedding dress when Neiman Marcus was no longer carrying the line and was there to watch me walk down the aisle. She’s always had the dream of venturing out on her own as a stylist and I cannot be more excited for her and the journey she is about to embark upon. Heidy is hard working, honest, loyal, and has an unmatched enthusiasm for fashion and making people feel amazing about themselves in what they are wearing. I would recommend Heidy as a stylist to anyone! She now styles many of my closest friends and family when they are in town. She is not only a true talent when it comes to fashion but a good friend, and someone that I trust and truly consider family.” – Kat D, Chicago, IL

“Heidy has an incredible sense of fashion. I trust her innately. While she encourages me to push the envelope a little sometimes (she’s always right) she knows what I like and never pushes me to buy things that I am not comfortable with. She is patient and always upbeat. I will continue shopping and consulting with her because I have always had such positive experiences with her.” – Beth K, Chicago, IL

“Heidy is a true professional when it comes to her career. I have worked with her for several big occasions such as weddings, rehearsal dinners, and showers. She is consistent and never disappoints. Heidy is creative and inventive while also being conscious of my style and budget at the same time. She provides expert advice and offers the highest level of customized service to her clients. Heidy is a trusted consultant when it comes to shopping and service and I look forward to working with her for years to come.” – Laura R, Chesterton, IN

“Heidy is very knowledgeable about the latest trends and picks out great styles for that special occasion, the season, or for that important meeting. She takes into account your personal taste and works well with the clothing and accessories already in your closet. She is patient and makes the experience fun and stress free! I recommend Heidy highly!” – Joan S, Pittsburgh, PA

candid copy“Heidy is a fun, smart and very nice young woman who has worked her magic with me and my daughter, a young professional. She methodically rid our closets of outdated items, earmarked items that could be altered and photographed outfits she put together from pieces in our existing wardrobes. We have fewer clothes yet more things to wear. Heidy has a fabulous eye for fashion and she is an excellent personal shopper. She is respectful of our taste and helps both of us look our best while age-appropriate. After working with Heidy, we felt liberated; we felt better, looked better and were more confident in our appearance. We enjoy inviting her into our closets and our lives and we enthusiastically recommend her to our friends.” – Bobbie and Kim V, Chicago, IL

“Living in Nashville, I often feel “limited” in terms of fashion. Heidy has been helping me for over seven years, and I couldn’t be more pleased! After meeting her on a weekend trip to Chicago, I now rely on her to style me not only for casual clothing, but for photo shoots and special events. I love that she can make me look fabulous whether it’s an item from Zara or Prada.” – Stephanie C, Nashville, TN

“I have worked with Heidy on several occasions and she is excellent at what she does. She has an eye for each individual’s personal style and helping you maximize your wardrobe potential! Heidy has helped me to make better use of my current wardrobe as well as to add both classic staples and statement pieces! I highly recommend her!” – Monica K, Zionsville, IN

“Heidy is a fantastic stylist and personal shopper. She has put together my entire wardrobe. She has styled daytime, work, evening, and special occasion looks for me. As a busy professional and mom, I rely on her fabulous sense of style and incredible eye for fashion. Heidy is incredibly professional, punctual, honest, and truly fun to work with.” – Julie W, Chicago, IL

“After several attempts of trying to find a dress for a rehearsal dinner by myself, I turned to Heidy for some help. She not only found me a great dress that matched my style, but the whole process was seamless. Her ability to identify needs and narrow down the search is remarkable. She is my go-to person for all special occasions and everyday wear.” – Danielle D, Fenton, MI

“Heidy is the complete package and can do it all! She has styled me for events from head to toe. She has an impeccable eye in choosing clothes that fit within my style, existing wardrobe, and flatter my figure. Heidy is honest, outgoing, and professional. Above all, she makes shopping fun. She is truly the BEST!” – Keriann K, Chicago, IL